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Didaktisk Digitalt Verksted at the University of Stavanger (UiS) is an edulab used by researches and preservice teachers at the Faculty of Arts and Education at UiS. The edulab is connected to a national network with similar edulabs in Norway, initiated by The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (UDIR). 

The edulab is the center for rethinking teaching and learning by introducing new technologies, for instance VR/AR/mixed reality, robotics, video/computer games, coding and the edulab has a unique zone for makerspace. The edulab have all kinds of projects, practical workshops and also give support to local schools. The general idea is that the edulab helps implementing innovative and creative technological teaching methods into practice.

Our edulab is involved in a strategic partnership in a new decentralized competence development model in Norway. In 2018 Norway´s Directorate for Education and Training began implementing a new model for professional development. It seeks to establish a sustainable approach to school improvement that would respond to local contexts and wide-ranging needs across Norwegian schools. Our edulab is also participating in a regional network for bringing e-sports into education and are involved in the Erasmus+ project "No teacher educator left behind" (NOTELEB).


Commercial partnership

Ludenso -  Exploring how to use AR-technology into learning in primary school and we will do research on what kind of pedagogy is suitable to use together with this digital tool.


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