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The School Group has two innovative learning spaces where teachers, students, employees and other interested parties can learn how to use innovative equipment and information technologies. Thanks to this room, we develop projects of methodological innovation, both in teaching and in evaluation, paving the way to exchange, training and the strengthening of digital skills for all users.

One of the rooms is intended for secondary and vocational students, and has furniture and equipment suitable for collaborative learning, namely interactive table and whiteboard, equipment for creating video and cinema. The second room is intended for students of all levels of education, including preschool, and is equipped with digital games and tools that allow the development of scientific curiosity (magnifying glasses for insects, digital microscope, greenhouses for seed germination), innovation in learning and assessment (table, board and interactive wall; Promethian activeinspiere software, hybrid computers, robots ...), knowledge sharing, research, the development of design and collaborative activities, experimentation in designing three-dimensional images using a 3D printer.

The tools in these rooms enable students to develop and present their projects and results independently and understand the need to dominate the digital world as a tool for the future world of work and knowledge.


Commercial partnership

The School Group's partners for the creation of these rooms were the Intermunicipal Community of Viseu Dão Lafões and the Municipality of Sátão. With the support of the  Commercial Association of the District of Viseu, we can provide internships and business experience opportunities for secondary school students.


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