FabL@ab Bonaparte

The FabLab Bonaparte is an educational third place within the Bonaparte high school. This place is for primary school students up to terminal students. This place will be dedicated to the realization of interdisciplinary and transversal projects.

It will be an opportunity to work on all school levels. 3D printers, laser cut-outs and other tools (drills, etc.) will allow students to create.

The FabLab is a space divided into 3 areas: a research-part, a creation-part and a cinema-audiovisual part. This last part includes a film set and a video editing station. Covering an area of 145 m2, this FabLab will also host trainings for teachers of the establishment as well as training for other teachers outside the school.


Commercial partnership

Non commercial partners yet but we are thinking about this.


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Al Intisar Street, P.O: 6110