Fatsa Büyük Ata Ortaokulu /Turkish Future Classroom

The Turkish Future Classroom developed in 2017 at Fatsa Buyuk Ata Secondary School in Fatsa district of Ordu Province in Turkey as a hub for innovative teaching and learning. The Turkish Future Classroom is not open only to the school's students and teachers but also to all the teachers and the students in the district. We organize workshops regarding the use of Web 2.0 tools, Green Screen Technology and robotics for the future teachers who have the enthusiasm to acquire the role of the educator who works on the 21st century competences.

The Turkish Future Classroom is equipped with mobile and configurable furniture as well, which helps the teachers to redesign the learning environment according to their needs. The students use the different learning corners on a daily basis to carry out projects from different subjects related to ICT (i.e. technology, robotics, computational thinking, history, English, Science etc.). In addition, at the Green Screen area, students create their own presentations.

Coding, robotics and the extensive use of Web2.0 tools make learning more enjoyable for students here. The aim of the Turkish Future Classroom will be to support the methodological change to improve teaching and learning processes by engaging the students more. 

Commercial Partners:

The Turkish Future Classroom is funded by Fatsa Buyuk Ata Secondary School. The class is equipped with mobile furniture, video conference systems, laptops, interactive whiteboards, tablets, augmented reality panels, touch screens, Green Screen Technology, Lego Mindstorm and Robotics kits.



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