FC @ Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit, Belgium

The main target group of FC @ Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit are pupils between 14 and 18 years old. The Learning Space is entirely funded by the school. The technological developments utilized in the classroom are: a Smartboard for presentation and interactive use with pupils, and Lego Mindstorms for software engineering.

Commercial Partners:

To keep up with new trends and techniques, FC @ Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit is currently looking for commercial partnerships with technological companies which could provide us with hardware and training on effectively using the tools in the classroom.

More information:

Find out more about Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit and the process of creating a Future Classroom Lab in a K12 school in this webinar.



Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit
De Merodelei 220
2300 Turnhout