FC @ Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit, Belgium

The main target group of FC @ Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit is pupils between 14 and18 years old. The Learning Space is entirely funded by the school. The technological developments utilized in the classroom are: Smartboard for presentation and interactive use with pupils and Lego Mindstorms for software engineering.

Commercial Partners:

To keep up with new trends and techniques, FC @ Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit is currently looking for commercial partnerships with technological companies for providing hardware provision and support on effectively using the hardware in lesson scenarios.

More information:

Find out more about theTalentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit and the process of creating a Future Classroom in a K12 school in this webinar.



Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit
De Merodelei 220
2300 Turnhout

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