FCL Active

Current activities and workshops at FCL ACTIVE are planned for lower secondary school students aged 10-14 and teachers from all levels who want to gain knowledge and experience about innovative learning spaces.

The flexible learning zones supported by technology in FCL ACTIVE provide students with an effective and permanent learning experience through pedagogical approaches such as active learning, blended learning, inquiry-based learning, game-based learning and multiple intelligence theory, in line with the constructivist approach. The main purpose of all activities and applications carried out in the lab is to create an active learner profile in all aspects, able to find solutions to real life problems, make choices by questioning, take responsibility for learning both individually and in a team, communicate effectively and work in collaboration.

Thanks to the reconfigurable and flexible furniture, students can easily switch between learning zones and carry out their small /large team work tasks easily. Unlike the traditional classroom environment, the use of mobile devices, tablets and laptops in the lab increases the individual participation of students in the learning process. Even the students who are generally reluctant to take the floor during the courses started to participate more actively this way. Interactive content and games used in learning scenarios to increase interaction and motivation also provide a very useful formative assessment process.

Besides, in this context, the academic staff of our lab, who has been working in interdisciplinary cooperation for about 3 years, has also been writing learning scenarios during this period. In addition, nearly 30 teachers from different disciplines from our school participated in the teacher trainings within the scope of the Design FILS project. In this context, as a result of the joint work of our academic staff, interdisciplinary learning scenarios are designed by associating the achievements in the curriculum of different disciplines with more current and global themes. In the meantime; FCL Active training staff organized "Learning Scenario Practices" workshops for our colleagues from different districts of Ankara. In these workshops, scenario examples from different disciplines were shared practically in FCL Active.

Students and teachers have the opportunity to use a variety of different technological tools in FCL Active.

In the Interact zone, our students participate in activities using computers and their own mobile devices.

The Investigate zone includes wearable technologies (VR glasses), Bluetooth headsets, microscope, 3D models, Arduino sets. Our students, individually or in groups, use these technologies to develop their critical thinking skills, to do active research, to test and explore real life problems through trial-and-error processes.

In the Exchange zone, our students can use school laptops, tablets and their own mobile devices to carry out activities such as playing and designing digital games, working on simulations and creating concept maps.

In the Develop zone, students can use their own mobile devices and tablets, Bluetooth headsets. In this zone where more informal learning is supported, students use technologies for more personalized learning activities such as examining e-books, creating individual learning diaries or playing digital games.

The Create zone includes 3D pens, tripods, mobile devices, a 3D printer and laptops. With the technologies used in this learning zone, which aims to develop their creativity, students perform activities such as video creation and editing, animation, 3D model design.

In the Present zone we have an HD tv used during the presentation activities so that the students can get feedback from both their teachers and peers.


We have no commercial partner yet. Our lab is funded by volunteering parents. 


Peyami Sefa Mh. Dr. Mehmet Ali Altun Cd. 338. Sokak No1 Mamak/Ankar 


Canan Han – Teacher(ELT)

Güntaç Yılmaz – Principal

Nilay Sürmeli – Teacher (ICT)

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