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The work of the Future Classroom Lead Ambassadors is to promote and help mainstream the results of European Schoolnet's projects and the concept of the Future Classroom Lab, and to support educational innovation in local networks of teachers.

The network was launched at the end of 2014 with 11 countries taking part. Later on more countries joined counting now in total 15 countries.

The Lead Ambassadors are networked professionals who address local audiences of teachers and their task is to support innovation and professional development. They are appointed by the national Ministry of Education (or an agency working on its behalf). The suggested tasks and activities are planned in dialogue and collaboration with Ministries of Education, depending on their priorities.

European Schoolnet is centrally supporting the work of the Lead Ambassadors by organising online meetings throughout the year, and on-site meetings/workshops which usually take place twice a year.

A Ministry of Education thinking to join the Future Classroom Ambassador network should get in contact with Bart Verswijvel (bart.verswijvel@eun.org) to schedule a personalised discussion.


The work of the Lead Ambassadors has been focusing in the following elements:

  • Dissemination: Reaching out to teachers and disseminating European as well as local initiatives.
  • Creating formalised networks for teachers or innovative schools: In some countries regional ambassadors support the work of a Lead Ambassador.
  • Training of teachers: The Future Classroom Toolkit, a holistic approach for innovation in a school, has been used by several ambassadors, both for on-site and online trainings. A new version will be published early 2018. In some countries ambassadors also provide trainings on topics like coding, new learning spaces, etc.
  • Support of the concept of the Future Classroom Lab. In many countries, the Lead Ambassadors are closely connected to a learning lab inspired by the Future Classroom Lab and use this venue as a hub for their work. The ambassadors may also support the development of new learning labs and/or development of a national network of learning labs.
  • Giving support to MOOCs: The ambassadors have been supporting some EUN Academy courses by giving local language support.


FCL Digest

The Future Classroom Ambassadors Digest gives an update of the activities carried out in each country.


Nº1 - April

Nº2 - June

Nº3 - October

Nº4 - December


No5 - April

No6 - July

No7 - October

No8 - December


No9 - March

Nº10 - June

Nº11 - October

Nº12 - December


Nº13 - April

Nº14 - June

Nº15 - October

Nº16 - December
2022Nº17 - MarchNº18 - JulyNº19 - OctoberNº20 - December


Nº21 - April




Ambassadors Podcast

Join our Ambassadors as they discuss their experiences with and observations on applying the FCL concept in practice.


Episode 1

Topic: Rethinking Learning Spaces in Your School

Speakers: Sampo Forsström (FI) & Petra Bohackova (CZ)




Lead Ambassadors

Bart Verswijvel - coordinator of the Future Classroom Ambassador network  .......................................................................................

Bart Verswijvel, Coordinator of the Future Classroom Ambassador network

Pedagogical Adviser

Email: bart.verswijvel@eun.org

Twitter @BartVerswijvel  |  LinkedIn

Stéphanie De Clercq, Belgium Flanders

Employee Knowledge Center Digisprong – Ministry of Education Flanders

As an ambassador, I want to inspire, support and bring together schools that are using their learning spaces in innovative ways. I do this by disseminating relevant information and activities, but also by starting learning networks and organizing (online) meetings around various themes.


Future Classroom Lab Vlaanderen: Facebook  |  Twitter  #FCL_VL  /  #FCLVLCHAT

Ben Bastiaensen - Belgium

Ben Bastiaensen, Belgium Flanders

Co-lead FCL ambassador

Teacher and international coordinator at Talentenschool Turnhout; Lecturer in initial teacher training at Horito CVO

As Flemish FCL Ambassador I'm focusing on disseminating EUN project results through activities on social media and presentations at several conferences. There has been a particular focus on the Future Classroom Lab and Coding.     

Twitter @bbastiaensen  |   LinkedIn
Future Classroom Lab Vlaanderen: Facebook  |  Twitter  #FCL_VL  /  #FCLVLCHAT   

Petra Bohackova, Czech Republic

Petra Bohackova, Czech Republic

Teacher at ZS Dr. E. Benese, Prague 9 - Cakoviceě

I spread the word about all activities and projects done by EUN. I'm helping to create a Future Classroom Lab in the Czech Republic. I'm also helping teachers to integrate ICT into lessons.

Twitter @bohape  |  Facebook  |  Google +

Lasse Remmer, Denmark

Lasse Remmer, Denmark

ICT Consultant CFU/UCC

We are establishing a Danish Future Classroom Lab in Campus Carlsberg - Copenhagen.

Twitter @lasseremmer  | Skype lrem@ucc.dk

Center for Undervisningsmidler København: ucc.dk #CFUUCC

Martin Thun Klausen, Denmark

Martin Thun Klausen, Denmark

Co-lead FCL ambassador

Pedagogical IT Consultant at the Educational Resource Center in Copenhagen, part of University College Copenhagen.

My everyday is in Future Classroom Lab Denmark, a 1000m2 educational Lab located in the Campus Carlsberg, Copenhagen. I am also a part of developing the Danish technology literacy subject ("Teknologiforståelse").

The main Future Classroom Lab in Denmark is located at Campus Carlsberg, where teachers, leaders, students, kids and other in the educational world can de inspired, experiment and have hands on with innovative ways on working with education, room, technology and new pedagogic approaches.

Email | Twitter Linkedin | Facebook | Website

Aivar Hiio, Estonia

Aivar Hiio, Estonia

Project Manager, Innovation and Collaboration Centre, Education and Youth Authority

Our main task is implementation of education and youth policy. At the Innovation and Collaboration Centre we work to bring new ideas in learning and teaching to life. We aim to provide all levels of education opportunities for growth regarding new methodologies, technology, learning spaces etc.

Education and Youth Authority: Facebook

Innovative learning scenarios (in Estonian).

Sampo Forsstrom, Finland

Sampo Forsström, Finland

Project Manager and Teacher Trainer at the University of Eastern Finland Teacher Training School FCL Ambassador in Finland

As an FCL Lead Ambassador I am leading the Finnish labs. We form a network within the teacher training schools. The main goal of the network is to test and develop new learning environments and landscapes. The network enhances the use of educational technology and aims to create new ways of learning.

Email | Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook | Website

Baptiste Melgarejo, France

Baptiste Melgarejo, France

Second-level teacher, specialising in learning disabilities. Seconded to Réseau Canopé, to coordinate innovation and research on the issues of the school of the 21st century, and the director of a Canopé Workshop in Strasbourg.

As an ambassador, I coordinate a team of several education stakeholders (teacher-advisers, etc...) who meet online and in person in order to exchange on innovative practices. We reflect on situations, postures and spaces related to learning. We support locally and nationally FCL initiatives such as scenario workshops for future classes or Future Classroom Labs creations. We disseminate FCL methodology and processes rather than outcomes to help change mindsets in the French educational landscape.

French FCL blog & website: blogpeda.ac-poitiers.fr   #FCL_FR | website

FCL on Viaeduc: viaeduc.fr 

eTwinning group for France: groups.etwinning.net

Isabelle Dufrêne, France

Isabelle Dufrêne, France

Co-lead FCL ambassador

Primary teacher, eTwinning ambassador, digital citizenship

As a member of the ambassador team, I disseminate the FCL methodology and try to help teachers develop their own space and innovative scenarios through conferences, workshops and personalized support.

Anikó Pázmándi, Hungary

Educational Consultant, Sulinet Department, Educational Authority (Oktatási Hivatal)

We carry out the tasks related to our European Schoolnet membership e.g. support and participation in several projects and programs coordinated by EUN. (MenSI, ScientiX, ENABLE, TeachUP and CodeWeek) On our Sulinet platform we regularly disseminate the EUNA MOOCs and the results of other innovative European pedagogical projects and report on the latest trends and initiatives in connection with teachers’ CPD. 

Sulinet: Website | Facebook | Email

Karina Batat,  Petah Tikva, Israel

Teacher at Gordon Primary School

Karina Batat is Teacher trainer, Innovation Educational Technology Specialist and Primary School Teacher at Gordon Primary School, Petah Tikva, Israel. Head of Beta School: the Israeli version of the FCL.

Beta School was officially opened in June 2015 and is in the city of Petah Tikva. Since 2022 Beta joined Start, the Unit of Innovation Technology at Israel MoE and soon we are transferring our Lab to The House of Innovation – a new ecosystem that consists of education, industry and employment and addresses educators, pupils and students, teenagers before entering the labor market.

Our mission is to promote Innovation Technology in education among schools, educators, and students while focusing on future skills and increasing the connection with industry and the worlds of employment.

Twitter @karinam60  | LinkedIn | Facebook

Beta School Facebook page

Alessandra Rucci, italy

Alessandra Rucci, Italy

Principal, "Savoia Benincasa" High School – Ancona

I have dealt with teaching methods for the innovative active learning environments for many years.The first classroom to be inspired by FCL was created in 2013 in my school in Ancona.
I have unceasingly continued to plan and create new flexible, responsive and suitable learning spaces since then. I have trained numerous teachers on this particular subject in Italy, supporting the development of other innovative projects.

Email | Facebook | Twitter

Federica Giombetti, Italy

Co-lead FCL ambassador

Secondary school teacher in Ancona

I am a Secondary school teacher in Ancona. I teach English and English Literature. 
I have always been interested in the educational environment and involved in designing new learning spaces. My mission is to disseminate the benefits of flexible and responsive learning spaces, able to awaken students' interest in learning and develop their critical skills. Thanks to active educational methodologies and the use of  innovative technology we focus on enhancing better relationships and communication, making class discussion more engaging and gripping. 


Antonella Giles, Malta

Antonella Giles, Malta

Head of Department of Digital Literacy, Teacher trainer, eTwinning Ambassador

As Head of Department of Digital Literacy I promote a positive approach to digital literacy in Primary State Schools. My main role is to support SMT staff and other HODs in the curricular integration of technology in schools. I am regularly involved in teacher training, in-service courses and school professional development meetings. I design and deliver short online courses for teachers on the use of technology in the classroom. I am also actively involved in eTwinning, training and supporting teachers during their participation in eTwinning projects.

Twitter @nelgiles  | LinkedIn | Facebook | Email

Paolo H. Scarbocci, Norway

Assistant professor in digital media at the Faculty of Arts and Education. University of Stavanger, Norway.
Project manager at Didaktisk digitalt verksted (DDV)/Didactic digital edulab.

Didaktisk Digitalt Verksted (DDV) at the University of Stavanger (UiS) is an edulab used by researches and preservice teachers at the Faculty of Arts and Education at UiS. The edulab is the center for rethinking teaching and learning by introducing new technologies in our teacher education in Stavange. Our edulab is also closely connected to similar edulabs in Norway and we do exiting projects in different schools through a decentralized competence model.

E-mail |Website |Twitter

 Anita Flaen Mæland, Norway

Co-Lead FCL ambassador

Teacher and Project Manager for DigTekLab, a future classroom lab and makerspace for teacher educators and teachers in training at the University of South-Eastern Norway.

We facilitate learning and competence development through various workshops and activities.  The focus is on to investigate, explore, and use creative processes within pedagogical use of digital technology. We work with makerspace, programming, 3D, laser cutting, VR/AR, computer games and production of media.

E-mail - LinkedIn - Blog - Facebook - Instagram

Carla Barros Lourenço, Portugal

Head of the Team of Educational Resources and Technologies at the Directorate-General of Education, Ministry of Education

Our mission is to raise awareness for digital education and for the curricular integration of digital technologies as means to promote educational success.

For this purpose, and among other goals, we aim to promote the development of digital skills in education and also to develop, support and monitor innovative initiatives or methodologies that improve learning and that contemplate, include and make full and meaningful use of digital environments in the teaching and learning process.

Email | Website 

ERTE FacebookLaboratórios de aprendizagem Facebook

Eva Polláková, Slovakia

Eva Polláková, Slovakia

Co-lead FCL ambassador

Head Teacher of Bilingual English/Slovak Primary and Secondary School BESST – Trnava

As a co-lead FCL ambassador I lead trainings and webinars aimed at innovations in pedagogical strategies with focus on FCL principles, ICT usage and active learning. Our school also participates in the trainings for students of Trnava University - Faculty of Education, who will become teachers, as we are a training school for this Faculty."

Email | Facebook | LinkedIn | Website

José Luis Fernández, Spain

José Luis Fernández, Spain

Head of the Department of Experimentation Projects at the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Our role is to implement and support Future Classroom Lab, focusing on dissemination, resources, training activities and helping teachers and schools to drive a methodological change towards active methodologies in combination with ICT and flexible learning spaces. We work in collaboration with Spanish autonomous regions and coordinate the "Aula del Futuro" (FCL) Spanish ambassadors network.

Twitter @JoseL_Fernandez | LinkedIn 

Aula del Futuro (FCL) website: https://auladelfuturo.intef.es/ #Auladelfuturo #Adf #FCL_es

Sara Sánchez Vílchez, Spain

Co-lead FCL ambassador. Pedagogical-Technical Advisor at the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) of the Spanish Ministry of Education and VET.

As a co-lead FCL ambassador, I am collaborating in the coordination and support of the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) project in Spain. The focus is on dissemination, resources, training activities, and helping teachers and schools adopt active methodologies with the use of ICT and flexible learning spaces. The project involves collaboration with Spanish autonomous regions and coordination of the "Aula del Futuro" (FCL) Spanish ambassadors network. My duties include offering support, coordinating different aspects of the project, and collaborating with the ambassadors network in order to disseminate the project throughout the country.

Sumeyye Hatice, Turkey

Sümeyye Hatice ERAL, Turkey

National Education Expert at Turkish Ministry of National Education

Integration of ICT in education is regarded as top priortiy in our national education policy. As we expect educational institutions to raise individuals who can use technology, educational system expects the same from the teachers. This expectation doesn't only include teaching on how to use technology but also use of innovative technology in teaching activities.
As FCL Ambassador, I will administer and support FCL initative at national and international level in coordination with European Schoolnet.

Linkedin Email | Website | Facebook | Twitter


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