FCL Eryaman (TR)

Description: The flexible learning space is designed for primary school students (grades 1 to 4) and aligns with the primary school curriculum. It accommodates all subject areas, including kindergarten, and consists of six learning areas. These areas facilitate STEM activities, scientific experiments, math-based problem-solving studies, and research projects.

In the research area, students can create videos in a green screen environment, enhance them using computer applications, and share them with peers in the presentation area. They can conduct internet research using computers and tablets and engage in online/offline activities using various web2 tools such as Kahoot, Canva, Google Forms, Quizizz, LearningApps, Padlet, and StoryJumper.

The interaction and cooperation areas encourage students to discuss ideas, conduct experiments, use mathematical materials, and create two- and three-dimensional products using craft materials like cardboard, paper, and paint. The development area allows them to test, refine, and prepare their projects for presentation.

The classroom is well-suited for blended and reverse learning approaches. It includes mathematics sets and craft materials to facilitate design-oriented learning. With access to computers, printers, projectors, projection screens, sound systems, and web2 tools, students can deliver presentations, engage in class-wide activities, and create videos in the production area. The research area provides 10 laptops and 4 tablets for research, educational game development, presentations, and video creation using web2 tools.

Students can also incorporate the Scratch application into their lessons, and Arduino sets and robotic coding sets will be available from September. The classroom is actively utilized outside of regular class hours, where students receive training on Scratch, web2 tools, coding, and problem-solving techniques.

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Altay Mahallesi Begonya Caddesi No11 Eryaman Etimesgut / ANKARA


Handan Halhallı - Class Teacher - handanhalhalli@gmail.com

Didem Karacan Tol - English Teacher - didemtol@gmail.com

Website: https://fcleryaman.wixsite.com/my-site 

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