FCL Göbeklitepe (TR)

The target group of our FCL Göbeklitepe class is 5A, the only 5th grade in our school. As our students lived in the village, their connection with technology was very weak. For this reason, it started from the first day by working on basic computer skills. In this process, students were taught office programs and online research ways. Here, students are given the opportunity to research what they were wondering at any moment. In addition, the possibility of developing problem solving skills was created with mind-brain games like Tangram, Katamino, Soma Cubes, Hanoi Towers, Mangala and Corridor. Digital camera, image editing applications and computers are available for use in the production area. Tables and desks for students are designed to suit both individual and group work. Each aspect of the class can be used as a presentation area according to the wishes of our students. Presentation can be made with the smart board in our class. For individual work, students were allowed to examine and think about the research books on the honeycomb shelves mounted on the walls.


Since FCL Göbeklitepe's priority is to prepare our students for the future, we want them to recognize today's technology as well as the technological tools they will face in the future. For this reason, we provide Raspberry Pi mini computers, which are used in some robots. This help us also to teach them coding. In addition, our students will be able to use an operating system other than the Windows mainstream operating system. The students are provided with a tablet computer for the Stop Motion application. Tinkercad, a 3D modeling application, will be taught in order to improve our students' 3D thinking. We are using also variosu Web 2.0 tools, like Plickers, Bubbl.us, Powtoon, Canva etc.


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