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The learning zones are arranged in accordance with primary school curricula and the students age range is 6-11 years old which includes kindergarten and primary school from 1st grade to 4th grade. All students can participate in the activities and lessons.

There are 6 learning zones as well as a Mind and Intelligence games corner and a music corner in our class. In these areas, students can carry out steam activities, experiments in accordance with the science curriculum, problem solving related to daily life problems, correct use of technology and activities that will improve their cooperation skills.

In our class, there is a library section, 10 desktop computers, 5 tables for the investigate zone, 1 desktop computer, 1 printer, speaker, 1 table, 1 projection and projection screen for the present zone, 3 large tables for the develop zone, movable chairs, 3D pens, handicraft materials, mathematics and experiment sets, microscope, science materials, carpets and cushions for intelligence games and exchange zone, green screen, camera and tripod for the create zone. Students can also do online and offline activities using webtools (Word art, Kahoot, Canva, Google forms, Quizizz, LearningApps, Padlet, Storyjumper, etc.). In the Mind and Intelligence games corner there are also various individual and group games (chess, jenga, mangala, corridor, QBitz, etc.). In this corner, students can develop their co-operation, problem solving and attention skills during the game process. In the music corner, students are introduced to musical instruments and are provided with the opportunity to use them in their studies.

Students can make presentations using the computer, printer, projection, projection screen and sound system in the present zone, make the necessary printouts, and make activities with the whole class. They can prepare videos with the camera and green screen in the create zone and develop their videos through the applications they have learnt by using the desktop computers in the investigate zone.

In the Create Zone, there are play doughs, pastels, water and dry paints, 3D pencils, microscope, experiment materials as well as waste materials that students can use in their studies. Students can express their creativity about the subjects they have learnt by using such materials. There is a video camera, trypot, green screen where students can make their presentations and can present their work with the help of these materials.

In the Investigate Zone, there is a number of books, magazines, computers and internet network suitable for each grade level of our students. With these opportunities, students can research their studies from various sources.

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Ebru ÖZEN - Primary School Teacher, ebisim06@gmail.com

Metin AKKOÇ - School Principal, nfilk2006@gmail.com

Website: http://fclimagine.wix.com/Anasayfa