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Helsinki Normal Lyceum uses innovative pedagogical approaches related to physical and virtual learning spaces and develops versatile teaching practices for different environments. We are experimenting with different solutions for combining F2F and online teaching methods into hybrid teaching practices. Pupils who are physically absent from the classroom can participate via online platforms and collaborate with their peers through Microsoft Teams or Zoom. In online classes, we use webcam audio and video, screensharing of OneNote-notes on a smartboard as well as electronic assignments.

Our school building is old and under strict conservation regulations but within those limitations we have constructed a modular learning lab combining media classroom, school library and a study hall, arts and crafts classrooms, a study lobby and a drama classroom to create an entirely new ecosystem that supports the pedagogical use of learning zones.

We are also designing new interdisciplinary learning modules combined with phenomenon-based learning to increase pupils’ transversal competence. These modules include STEAM projects, Makerspace elements, Lego or micro:bit programming and electronics. Viikki Teacher Training school Viikki Teacher training school develops pedagogical and versatile teaching practices that are suitable for different learning environments. The aim is to develop both physical and virtual learning environments.

We approach the issue from the perspective of sustainable development, student participation, comfort and strong pedagogy. We combine these with new technology and innovation. From the perspective of sustainable development, we try to focus on the kind of equipment and know-how that our school already has. We think how to make everything suitable for pedagogical use. We combine various new innovations. We are also planning reforms in the area of student participation. What kind of school is a comfortable, functional and safe school? How can a comfortable learning environment be combined with curriculum-based ICT teaching? We are creating a virtual science classroom that brings together devices related to virtual education, such as VR glasses and devices related to robotics education. Using the environment is designed to be pedagogically easy for everyone. Various international courses are planned. We are also transforming our library into a multidisciplinary and interactive learning space. How can the library be integrated into multidisciplinary thinking and curriculum teaching? How do the physical and virtual spaces of the library meet the needs of information retrieval? 


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Helsinki Normal lyceum - Ratakatu 6, 00120 Helsinki, Finland Viikki Teacher Training School - Kevätkatu 2, 00790 Helsinki, Finland 


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