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The Oulu Future Classroom Lab focuses on supporting the development of learning self-regulation, facilitating performance and practice, increasing the culture of conversation and exploratory learning. The aim is to make it easier for children who are sensitive to stimuli to work. In addition, various forms of co-teaching will be studied, acoustics, ergonomics and comfort will be improved, and the presentation technique and furniture of the discussion area will be developed.

The background is the Ubiko project implemented at the Oulu University Teacher Training School in 2012-2013, the starting point of which was to develop team teaching, multi-rhythmic and multi-site learning, pedagogical practices and operating models towards understanding, skillful, strategic and inspiring learning (SRL). From the outset, it was important for the Ubiko project to include and further develop pedagogical innovations related to modern information and communication technologies. Scientific research was strongly related to the Ubiko project.


Commercial Partners

Former partners: Sphero, Bird Technologies – Hummingbird, StepSystems, Qridi, SMART - Edunuts  


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