Future Classroom LAB - Escola Secundária Campos Melo (PT)

In our FCL we have adopted the project-based learning methodology promoting the development of autonomy and self-confidence by multidisciplinary learning, programming, robotics learning and the use of multiple technologies. We offer trainings such as "Introduction to Programming", "MBOT Robots Programming" and "Programming of Mobile Applications". We also practice 3D design and printing. 

In this space, we developed several Erasmus+ and eTwinning projects, in particular within the field of STEAM, where the reorganization of spaces, as well as the equipment, play a fundamental role. In this space, we hosted several videoconferences and joint classes with other European schools.

We also promote the development of projects with other schools, development of communication skills, development of autonomy and self-confidence and contact with other cultures.

Commercial Partners

We developed strategic partnerships with some local players, inviting them to come and motivate our students to develop modern projects that respond to real-life problems. We have reorganized vocational courses to respond to these problems, and we have readjusted the curricula so that our students can acquire the key technical skills for the labour market of the future. 


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Escola Secundária Campos Melo, Rua Vasco da Gama Nr. 40,  6201-016, Covilhã, Portugal