FCLab Tulliportti

The FCLab Tulliportti is located in the University of Eastern Finland Teacher Training School. Teacher training schools are administratively part of the faculties or units of education. Tulliportti Teacher Training School operates in two different units, primary school grades 1-6 being located in Länsikatu and lower secondary grades 7-9 as well as upper secondary school in Tulliportinkatu.

Our lab at the moment is the whole primary school and we are expanding the ideology to the other units of our school. Our school, established in 1882, is a university-owned provider of basic, general upper secondary and teacher education. In addition to hosting 1400 students and 850 student teachers annually, relevant research, in-service training and developmental projects lie at the heart of our strategy.

The Goals of the FCLab Tulliportti 

  • Developing the whole school towards a learning zone working environment development of flexible shared spaces
  • Multi-location in different zones
  • Promoting an innovative operating culture
  • Development of VR teaching e.g. content production and collaboration development of a possibilistic training environment, i.m. teacher students have the opportunity to see and experience different operating environments increasing the comfort of learning environments, for example by paying better attention to acoustics and lighting developing forms of business cooperation 
  • Conducting learning environment research in cooperation with university partners.


Commercial partnership

- ECOPHON: Enhancing the acoustics of our learning spaces

- LEGO Education: The Spike Prime Pilot 

- Matatalab: Coding for grades 1 and 2 

- Qridi: LMS for evaluation  

- MuodosteInterior design of our learning spaces


More information



Sampo Forsström, Lead Ambassador


Tulliportinkatu 1, 80100 Joensuu, Finland 

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