FCL webinars

The FCL Talks is a series of live online events to share innovative practices, ideas and initiatives on school education. Presenting is possible to anyone who wants to share non-commercial content in the field of innovative education (projects, classroom ideas, initiatives, events, space design, edtech, etc.).


FCL & Microsoft. Limitless learning: keep your classroom active and engaged in distance learning (7 May 2020)

Practical examples, tips and tricks from educators to educators using tools such as Microsoft Teams to enable their distant teaching and allow greater collaboration and engagement of their students. 

Watch it here.

With the contributions of:

  • Kornélia Lohyňová, Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow and an eTwinning ambassador - Using Teams as a Remote Teaching Tool [presentation]
  • Sampo Forsström, FCL Lead Ambassador for Finland - How to Keep Using Online Tools after the End of the Virus Emergency Period? [presentation]
  • Arjana Blazic, Microsoft Innovative Educator, an eTwinning ambassador - Keeping Students Engaged and Motivated [presentation]



FCL Talks 5 #Novigado: Active learning and innovative teaching in flexible learning spaces (20 April 2020)

With the contributions of:


FCL Talks #4: Teaching in time of Corona (27 March 2020)

"Authentic stories and action plans to reach out to absent students"

With the contributions of:


FCL Talks #3: Teaching in time of Corona (20 March 2020)

Authentic stories and tips & tricks of reaching out to absent teachers

With the contributions of:

FCL Talks #2: Powerful online EduPresos in Teachmeet style (13 March 2020)

With the contributions of

FCL Talks #1: Sharing experiences of ITELab project and ITE good practice (31 Janurary 2020)

With the contribution ofUni of Agder (NO), Catholic Uni of Milan (IT), MOOC Moderator (HR), Uni College Dublin (IE), Uni of Perugia (IT), Poly Inst. of Santarém (PT), Uni of Göettingham (DE), FCL Ambassador (FI)


FCL-ITE Teachmeet 31 Jan 2020. Watch it here.