Forticl@sse is a space conceived, designed and built to allow all students and their teachers to modify their working methods in order to achieve the objectives of the 21st century. The lab is built in an elementary school where, for more than a year, partners of the school met monthly to discuss the concept. In parallel, a class was engaged in the reflection on and experimentation with the areas and tools of this future classroom space.

Since January 2019, each class, from CP to CM2, has been able to benefit from the eight learning zones located in two rooms and a corridor with flexible furniture and digital equipment. Students are divided in groups and sent to different zones (investigate, design, create, share, develop, relax, isolate and present/interact) to work on their projects.

Each week, the students present to the whole class either the results of their work or an assessment of their successes and difficulties in order to improve the functioning of this experimental space.


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No commercial partnerships at the moment. 


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