Fremtidens Klasseroms Laboratorium, Norway

Fremtidens Klasseroms Laboratorium (Future classroom lab) is a learning lab for secondary students at Samfundets skole in Kristiansand. The goal is to get students engaged through exploring technologies and learn 21st Century skills. The lab is divided into seven zones: plenary zone, conversation zone, individual zone, collaboration zone, recording zone, the transcendent zone, and the relaxation zone. 

The plenary zone will be used by the teachers to deliver short lectures or important information to the students, and it will also be used for lectures performed by the students. The zone is also used to summarize student works in front of the whole group, in order to make each student's knowledge available to all students.

The conversation zone is a place for discussions led by the teacher or one of the students. Our emphasis in this zone will be to develop critical thinking, respecting different perspectives, moderation and democratic principles among the students.

In the individual zone, students work individually or in learning pairs. The zone is designed for developing of deep learning and critical thinking.

The collaboration zone is a place for students to discuss tasks, concepts and dilemmas with each other, in small groups of 3-5. 

In the recording zone, students can record video and audio. Current events has shown us how young people can influence the world and change the course of public debate, when delivering a clear and concise message in a convincing way. The recording zone will enable students to continue this legacy.

The transcendent zone is a zone to explore and influence the world on a larger scale. Through practical and visual use of technology, such as web search, video, coding, visual reality, augmented reality, 3D-technology and games, the goal is to empower the students and prepare them for the 21st century.

The relaxation zone is a place for students to disconnect from the flickering white noise of modern-day society, in order to reflect upon ideas and regain their physical and mental strength. We find such a space to be an ever-increasing need, as we see more children being over-stimulated and stressed out, rushing between school classes and organized spare time activities with their cell phone in their hand.

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Evert Dean, Project Manager


Kristian IVs gate 65, 4614 Kristiansand, Norway

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