Future Classroom Lab / Slovakia Michalovce (SK)

Inspired by ITEC project and the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, in 2018, we built our first Future Classroom in Michalovce, Slovakia. The idea seemed interesting and attracted the attention of sponsors, supporters, parents and so we continued. In 2019, we created a second Future Classroom, and we recently started working on a third one. These labs are used both for primary and secondary students (6 – 15 years old). The spaces were built thanks to the cooperation of the school, students, parents and sponsors and many hours of volunteer work. The whole design process included the active participation of the students - they first designed the labs in 3D with their IT teacher. After understanding the concept of the learning zones, they discussed and chose the equipment, materials, colors and technology. We even expanded the original concept by including a relax zone. Convertible furniture enhances the flexibility of the space and the use of multimedia during the lesson makes the learning more engaging for the students.

In terms of technology, in our lab we have interactive SMART-Board with a presenting area with webcam for video conference, convertible tablet computers (education version) for all purposes, touchtables for collaborative learning, teacher workstation and tablet with wireless connection for 4K TV Visualizer and printer, virtual reality devices, LEGO EV3-kits, Lego Mindstorm and MicroBit for programming, photo area equipped with digital cameras (4K cam, 360°HD-cam, Action Cam GoPro), DSLR cameras with softbox and backgrounds wireless technologies (wifi, meteo station, wireless charger in lamp). We also have digital microscope with smartphone holder and HD cam with connection to Smartboard and 4K TV, wall clock with noise sensor, Smart illumination E-book readers, as well as classic library AV receiver, speakers and soundbar. Online cloud services for students and teachers are also provided and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach is also encouraged.

Commercial partners

Accenture, Acer, Cinven Partners London, City of Michalovce, Jazzelektro, Martinus, Meratech, Micomp, Microsoft, Pontis, PC Revue, Parrents organization, RTVS, Stavzel, Teach For Slovakia, TV Joj

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Elementary School of Pavol Horov Michalovce

ZŠ Pavla Horova Michalovce Kpt. Nálepku 16 071 01 Michalovce