Future classroom lab fritic, Switzerland

The Future classroom lab fritic in Fribourg, Switzerland  is the evolution of the space used from 2011 until 2017 by the Centre fritic (Department of Education, canton Fribourg, Switzerland) as a showroom to advise school leaders and local authorities about interactive solutions and ICT equipment for their classrooms. Inspired by the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, the room has been transformed into a lab and currently welcomes not only local authorities and school leaders but also teachers and students for CPD and ICT projects. Future classroom lab fritic is organized in six different learning zones, each one serving specific pedagogical purposes:

Knowledge Building - Between Interactivity and One to One

ICT for inclusion

Creativity and expression through multimedia

Coding and Programming: Developing computational thinking

Explore, discover, immerse yourself - Learn with virtual reality



Lab & Commercial Partners:

We thank our partners in this project: 

The HEP Fribourg who made the premises available within the School of Education and Educa, the Swiss Specialist Agency for ICT and Education, on whose behalf we participate in EUN's Interactive Classroom working group.

Our commercial partners that provide the technology and furniture on display in our lab: 

Embru-Werke (Promethean screen), Hunziker (adaptable furniture), Kolok (Legamaster products), Novex (Clevertouch and Epson interactive projectors), Dekom (Smart screens). 


More information:





Centre fritic

Rte de Morat 36

1700 Fribourg



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