Future Classroom Lab of Zaragoza

Centro del Profesorado Juan de Lanuza joins the national network of Future Classroom Lab for teacher training thanks to the FCL agreement promoted by the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) in collaboration with the autonomous communities.

The Future Classroom Lab is a training space located in this centre, designed especially for teachers, equipped with digital devices such as interactive whiteboards, robots and virtual reality technological material. This learning environment promotes a pedagogical approach based on active methodologies, which seeks to encourage critical thinking, creativity and student collaboration.

Competency-based learning is promoted, where students work to solve problems and develop practical skills. In addition, the inclusion of technology in the learning process is encouraged. The classroom space is divided into six learning zones: Investigate, Interact, Develop, Explore, Present and Create.

The aim of this initiative is to train teachers in the effective use of these tools, space and innovative methodologies, in order to improve the quality of education and serving as a space for reflection on their own educational practices. Serving as a source of inspiration and a driver of change in the educational model, the Future Classroom Lab provides an environment conducive to acquiring new pedagogical skills and promoting change in the classroom.

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Address: C/ del Buen Pastor 4, 50003, Zaragoza, Spain

Contact: Director - direccion@formacionlanuza.es