Future Lab South Aegean (GR)

The Future Labs of the University of the Aegean aim at developing and disseminating know-how to the private and public sector and developing cooperation with the institutions of these sectors.

Through the development of their activity, the main objectives are:

-To support regional innovation and entrepreneurship

-To cultivate digital and 21st century skills

-To strengthen basic and applied research in emerging and educational technologies

-To support lifelong education and training in cooperation with the other structures of the University of the Aegean

-The design and develop training programmes and applications based on the needs of local communities

-To support the curricula of the Foundation

-To train and specialize the educational staff





The cooperation is at the level of analysis of the needs of businesses, but also of organisations in the field of education and culture. Free support is provided to these organisations for the development and implementation of innovative artefacts for their workplace.


Dimokratias 1, Rhodes 85132, Greece


Prof. Dr. Alivizos Loisos Sofos, LSOFOS@AEGEAN.GR