Future Will Be Mine FCL

The target audience of the Future Will be Mine FCL has students studying in the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades of the school.

Materials and technological equipment are available in all learning areas and suitable for every kind of subject like Mathematics, Physics, Turkish Language and Literature, English, Informatics, Music, etc. It has a variety that will appeal to the aims and achievements of different school courses. Apart from this, the classroom is designed as a learning environment for activities for the professional development of teachers and extracurricular student activities on a school basis, as well as an application area for projects such as Erasmus+ , eTwinning and Tübitak, Teknofest (National Projects) carried out at the school.

Lessons have just started in the new school term with extensive use of ICT.  We aim at offering our students more technological and innovative education with this class in a creative and fun way.

Unlike the classical classroom layout, we offer an innovative learning style with ergonomically designed seating areas. The responsibility of learning is on the student. The teacher is the advisor and guide. Our students enjoy learning in this class. We believe we will be more successful this class because it is our window to the world.

We applied to the MenSI project with this class, we got approval, and we were entitled to be one of the 10 schools. Thus, we believe that we will be more successful by getting accreditation.


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Davraz, Süleyman Demirel Eğitim Kompleksi, 3993 Sokak No:14, 32300 Isparta Merkez/Isparta


Şerife Tuba YALÇIN, FCL Coordinator and English teacher, tubayalcin32@gmail.com

Hamidullah SARI, School Director, hamidullahsari@hotmail.com