Future Work Lab

So far, the room has been in preparation mode and the space has not been used yet. A set of training sessions have been organised for the school teachers that aim to captivate and improve skills in using new technologies in the classroom. The training sessions focus in particular on the use interactive whiteboards, mobile classrooms (practical class), Google drive, active table. 

The lab is equipped with 4 Fixed computers, BluRay 1 Equipment, an interactive table (ActiveTable), 5 tablets, 5 computers (Magalhaes), Interactive Whiteboard, Projector, 3D Printer, printer with Wi -Fi, own internet line, own Solar Panel, tablets, calculators, ActivBoard, video and photography equipment.

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Agrupamento Escolas do Barreiro
Rus Ferrer Trindade, Urb. da Escavadeira
2830-067 Barreiro