Future Learning Lab, Norway

Rothaugen Middle School is Bergen's largest middle school with around 550 students. The schools largest classroom was rebuilt into the Future Learning Lab (Framtidsklasserommet), and opened in the spring of 2019. 

The main goals for the lab are;                                                      

● Letting students become creators of technology.

● Finding new ways of assessment, teaching strategies and methods.

● Giving the students a view into the future

● Letting the students use their creativity and knowledge in a more fun and engaging way

● Inspire and help other schools and teachers

The lab is available for all the teachers and students at the school, and other schools in the aria.            
The lab consists of 3 zones:                                                  

  1. A gaming lab, with 15 PCs. The teachers will, together with students from ​​Western Norway University of Applied Sciences​​ (h​ttps://www.hvl.no/en/​) make lesson plans connected to the national curriculum.
  2. A media lab, with a podcast section and a video section. In this part of the lab, the students will make podcasts, Youtube-videos, and make recordings of projects.                                                                             
  3. A Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality lab. We use VR and AR as a tool for both visualization content for the students, but also to develop engaging lessons for the students, and create deep learning experiences.

Ilustration: Atea

Commecial partners

HP is a commercial partner for the project.


Terje Pedersen, Teacher


Rotthaugsgaten 10, 5033 Bergen, Norway

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