Description: The lab is in a primary school and the target group is primary school students aged 7-11. The work that's being done in the classroom for the students is as follows; computer research/video editing/preparing presentations, creating original works by designing with 3D pens and printers, and developing cognitive skills in an ergonomic environment with pear armchairs and mind games. In addition, virtual reality glasses and VR, AR and 360-degree videos are brought together in the virtual world to provide a learning environment by doing and living.

Informative seminars on educational technologies are organized for parents and teachers. In addition, teacher trainings were planned throughout the district in a project prepared by the District Directorate of National Education regarding virtual reality.

Teachers and students benefit from the classroom within the weekly plan prepared by the school administration. There are 6 Laptop Computers and are generally available to students to do research during class and in their free time. There are 6 Pieces of 3d Pencils in the production area. These items are distributed to a group of students. Groups perform different tasks according to the content of the lesson. There are 36 Electroy Controls located in the interaction area. The receiver of the controls is connected to the smart board. The questions appeared on the board can be solved in a certain time and evaluated instantly. Evaluations made on paper in the classroom are also controlled by the same system. There are 3 Microscopes in the research area.  There is 1 Smart Board located in the field of interaction and cooperation. There is 1 Piece 3d Printer located in the production area.  Students use both ready-made templates and printer to carry out the works that are designed together with the “TinkerCad” program.

STEM studies are carried out by associating Mathematics, Visual Arts and Science courses with an interdisciplinary method. In this study, students designed original battery boxes and produced them in a 3d printer. There is 1 Virtual Reality Glasses in the presentation area.  There is 1 Lamination Machine located in the production area. It is used to make the studies more permanent and efficient. There is 1 Color Printer used for instant printing of all kinds of activities to be used in the classroom. And there is a Cell Phone Camera which is used in the production area.

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Address: Kemalpaşa mah. Kuğulu Park Sokak No:8 iNEGÖL/BURSA TÜRKİYE


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