Happy Children FCL (TR)

Description: Telafer Primary School provides education to students between the ages of 6-11.  The classroom consists of 110 square meters of space that is designed in accordance with the Future Classroom Lab project. The classroom is designed as an environment where the students will encounter innovative practises and have different learning domains together. The learning facilities and opportunities are planned to be increased with Future Classroom practises. They have created an environment that will enrich cooperation and individual work by blending it with fields such as Research, Development, Production, Cooperation, Interaction, Presentation areas, Agricultural production, Coding, Music, Recycling, Mind and intelligence games. Activities are planned in accordance with the Turkish National Education Curriculum. The classroom is enriched with robotic materials, VR glasses, green screen and camera, musical instruments, mind and intelligence games, seed growing materials, microscopes, telescopes, tablets, computers, modular tables and stools so that the teachers and students can create creative education and learning environments.

The learning area has a smart board, 16 desktop computers, 4 tablets and internet connection. In addition, to support the activities to be carried out: Robotic coding materials, Arduino sets, VR glasses, Green screen and camera, Microscope, Telescope, 3D pens, color printer and scanner are available. With these materials, online and offline activities are planned using web2 tools; design, presentation, observation, research studies are carried out. For example, web tools such as kahoot, mindmeister, quizlet, plickers, tinkercad, etc. are used in accordance with the planned learning scenario. Design and presentation activities are performed with 3D pen, smart board, color printer and scanner, green screen and camera. Research and observation activities are carried out using microscopes and telescopes. Students use digital materials to work individually or in groups activities related to the learning scenarios they create.

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Address: ALAKOVA MAH. 15343 sok. No: 21 - Meram - KONYA


SÜLEYMAN DEMİRTAŞ - School Principal - slymndmrts@hotmail.com

Mehmet TAŞ - Deputy Manager - mmmehmettas@gmail.com

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