Harmony FCL (TR)

Description: Harmony FCL is available to all grade levels in the school and is easily accessible. The physical capacity and the structure of flexible learning areas enable multiple teaching strategies and lessons are easily taught at every grade level by teachers from all branches.

The teachers consider the following pedagogical elements when planning activities at Harmony FCL:

- Smooth switching between multiple learning areas

- Contributing to the realization of peer learning

- The teacher has freedom of movement

- Providing a lively and active learning environment

- Supporting individual learning

- Providing the opportunity to learn by doing.

The teaching techniques and activities applied in Harmony FCL by adhering to active learning principles are as follows:

- Brainstorming and discussion

- Observations

- Small group discussions

- Creating and implementing learning scenarios

- Role playing

- Steam based activities

- Learning with music

- Case study

- Problem solving

- Workshops and Do-It-Yourself work

- Analog or digital games

- Flipped classroom

- Videos

- Team work

- Augmented reality

– Virtual reality apps

- Presentation studies

- Robotics and coding activities

- Data logs

- Recent learning trends.

Technology has been integrated into each of the flexible learning areas in accordance with the pedagogical approach.

-Robotic coding tools, microscopes, data logs, Steam training sets, DIY sets are used in the Investigate Area

-Green box, 3D printers, video editing devices, voice recorders, tripod, HD camera are used in the Create Area

-Projection, flat-screen TV connected to an internet-connected computer are used in the Present Area

-Mobile learning devices such as whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, tablets and laptops are used in the Interact Area

-Projection, AR (Augmented Reality)

– VR (Virtual Reality) applications, interactive smartboard are used in the Exchange Area

-3D models, video applications, traditional and digital games, portable devices, audio devices, a convertible library are used in the Develop Area.

Partnership: No commercial partners

Address: Dayınlar Mah. 777. Sokak No 2/2 Gediz/Kütahya -Türkiye


Abdullah Işık, English Teacher, inteljest@gmail.com

Vedat Mamiş,  Chemistry Teacher, gedizfenlisesi@gmail.com