Hey! is a revolutionary European technology that introduces the concept of visual communicator into the classroom providing solutions, that have been present before but via new technology are rejuvenated and improved. These solutions allow the incorporation of devices in the classroom independently of teacher experience with tech, age of the students, BYOD or not implementations all thanks to its simplicity.

A plug and play solution

An application that solves quiz games, training assessments and monitoring all within the same ecosystem. Brings fun, improves attention and focus of the student while being easy to use and giving feedback to the teacher. Hey!U allows asking questions every few minutes to ALL class members. As the screen is pointing towards the teacher it simplifies feedback - ABCDE, correct incorrect, free magic text, emoji, numbers. When students realize that they are going to be asked and have to answer, they will be more focused and engaged as if they were playing game.



Detects and shows on the screen more than 3 million application icons and 3 billion web page favicons. If you see an icon you don't recognize, just check with the student. Students will be on task with less interruptions. It's not Big Brother, it's just an indication to the teacher of what the student is doing.

"No Wi-Fi or Internet required. Plug and play. With 30 devices (or 20, or 50 - it doesn't matter) in the classroom, the teacher doesn't even need to open their laptops or have any tech skills. Just ask and see the answers. Ideal for teachers taking their first steps and are not IT minded. It reduces the tech barriers that too often exist".

"With the hey! Backpack you can save and move from class to class with your hey U!"


Revolutionary and unique combination of feedback and supervision. In one view you can see the answers, how each student is doing and the application they are in, make positive comments, play games... and much more.



You will be able to create or use existing questions, create a class code, get learners into it, collect answers and use student applications and websites for immediate decisions or further analysis.

"Ideal for the teacher to manage the class with a single application".

"Ideal for school principals, districts, regional or national decision-makers to monitor the use of technology in classrooms, application uses, how the use and evolution of feedback is helping to achieve better results and make faster, better-quality decisions about where to focus attention, CPD needs and benchmarking of best practices".

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