Hiperaula Universidad Complutense - Facultad de Educación

The School of Education radically reforms a dozen classrooms with the purpose of serving active, collaborative and digitally-enhanced learning. They are spacious and flexible classrooms, with reconfigurable and scalable spaces with advanced devices and high connectivity that allow frictionless movement between large group work (lessons), team and individual work, between analog and digital, and between the physical classroom and the virtual environment.

These are the so-called hyperclassrooms, a combination of hyperspace (flexibility in the combination of space and time), hypermedia (easy transition between orality, paper, audio, video, 3D..., inside and outside the physical space) and hyperreality (powerful media and applications to represent and simulate contents and processes).

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Address: C/ Rector Royo Vilanova 1, 28040, Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid, Spain

Contact: Director - geredu@ucm.es