Interactive Classroom WG

ICWG members and European Schoolnet staff at the latest meeting of the group in October 2023 to discuss the work programme for the coming period

The Interactive Classroom Working Group (ICWG) was set up in 2013 and is one of European Schoolnet’s standing working groups. The ICWG’s aim is to enable education authorities to explore common areas of concern, share experience, address policy challenges related to the integration of a wide range of technologies in classrooms, and investigate their impact on teaching and learning. Every year, it explores different topics connected to the priorities and interests of its members.

The ICWG regularly develops and publishes recommendations, guidelines, best practices, and resources based on:

  • Desk research and analysis conducted in collaboration with researchers.
  • Collecting experiences from schools, teachers, and students through online surveys, interviews, and classroom observations in different countries.
  • Examples and case studies from other countries and educational systems across the world.

Previously, the ICWG has investigated topics such as the pedagogical use of mobile devices and K-12 cloud services, personalised learning, bring your own device (BYOD) approaches, design of innovative learning spaces, creation and use of Makerspaces in schools. The group has also taken stock of what was experienced during the COVID-19 schooling disruption, the related lessons learnt, and indications for a more effective use of technology in remote, blended as well as face-to face learning modalities, focusing also on the accessibility and inclusivity of a high-quality education for all.

The main results of the ICWG’s work can be found below, in the Navigation Menu of this page, as well as under the Resources page of the website.

If you would like to know more about how your organisation can become member of the Interactive Classroom Working Group, please email


Makerspaces in schools: Practical guidelines for school leaders and teachers

These guidelines is the continuation of a series of previous guidelines for teachers and school heads on innovative learning spaces in schools. Detailed case studies are part of the guidelines. Available in EN.



Guidelines for teaching and learning online as part of the "new normal" 

A set of guidelines and examples of what is considered to be effective practices for online learning in primary or secondary school settings. 




FCL Guidelines for learning labs

Practical guidance to school leaders and teachers that wish to create their own learning labs or to adapt their learning spaces in other innovative ways. Available in EN.




Guidelines on Exploring and Adapting Learning Spaces in Schools

Practical advice and support to schools on how to develop and adapt learning spaces to facilitate the innovative use of ICT and collaborative approaches to teaching and learning. Available in EN, IT and ES.




BYOD guide 2015

BYOD Bring Your Own Device

Two guides have been published to provide guidance for school leaders and IT administrators: "BYOD - Technical Advice for School Leaders and IT Administrators" (2017), including four pocket guides, and "BYOD - A guide for school leaders" (2015)



ICWG pedagogical videoICWG pedagogical videos

Videos to showcase innovative pedagogical practice in classrooms across Europe.