IES Francisco Giner de los Ríos

The creation of the Future Classroom Lab Giner de los Ríos in 2018 meant the crystallisation of different processes of transformation and innovation initiated in our centre in previous courses.

Thanks to the opportunity that our project "New Spaces for Learning. The Future Classroom Lab" was selected in the Call for Innovation Projects of the Community of Madrid, we were able to undertake the creation of this space as a multidisciplinary, flexible and versatile teaching and learning environment in the workshop classrooms of a former Training Cycle.

It is a space in which ICT and furniture are effectively integrated when implementing didactic proposals and meaningful and functional learning projects through which to provide diverse and innovative answers to the training requirements of our students. Following the assumptions of the Future Classroom Lab, the classroom is divided into four work areas that reproduce the methodological sequence Investiga-Diseña-Crea-Comparte (Investigate-Design-Create-Share). In addition, there is a chroma space for audiovisual recording.

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