IES Lomo de la Herradura

The IES Lomo de La Herradura is an innovative and recognised educational centre in the Canary Islands. Intended for students with motor disabilities, it is distinguished by its excellence and inclusive approach. The centre is characterised by having a Future Classroom Lab approach that covers all its facilities.
Learning areas are scattered throughout the centre, promoting a dynamic and stimulating environment. In addition to the creative classroom with sliding walls, learning spaces include the 4 school gardens, the nature classrooms and the "maker space" equipped with 3D printers. These areas are integrated into students' daily lives and foster creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.
The IES Lomo de La Herradura develops Service Learning projects that strengthen social responsibility and solidarity. The online store "Tienda Herradura_Enclave" and other initiatives involve students in decision-making and promote their autonomy. In short, the IES Lomo de La Herradura is a center where the Future Classroom Lab is present in every corner, providing an innovative and enriching educational environment.

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Address: C/ Nicolás Copérnico, 37, CP 35210, La Herradura, Las Palmas

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