IES Norba Caesarina

The Future Classroom Lab at our school is designed for teachers involved in current school projects as well as for departments that want to propose activities, tasks or research work that follow the dynamics of this space specialising in teamwork, from the approach to the resolution and presentation of problems, promoting the use of new technologies and active work methodologies.   

Both teachers and students have been involved in the design of the space and it involves a whole process of methodological updating that also promotes interdepartmental work.  

The aim of our FCL is to provide a place that allows the integration of different pedagogical proposals that promote active and competent learning and that encourages the students' interest in learning, initiating a process in which they become increasingly autonomous and understand the importance of the connection between the contents of all the subjects and areas of the curriculum.

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Address: C/Santa Luisa de Marillac S/N, CP. 10002, Cáceres

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