IES Ramón y Cajal

The IES Ramón y Cajal de Murcia is a centre located in the city of Murcia, next to the City of Justice, which is committed to creativity and educational innovation, being one of our primary objectives to achieve a true teaching competence through the use of active methodologies and digital media.

For this purpose the institute has arranged a space of 270 square meters (equivalent to five classrooms) plus a corridor of 30 square meters as the Future Classroom Lab. We have managed to make a great space (HiperAula) in which technology is integrated with the PBL methodology that the center has.

In this way we can complete the work, started in 2015 with the implementation of the PBL methodology with a space inspired by the INTEF's Future Classroom Lab, which allows all groups of the same level to collaborate together in the different learning areas with the guidance of the teaching staff.

The space is organised by learning zones (INVESTIGATE, CREATE, INTERACT, DEVELOP, EXPLORE AND PRESENT) with flexible, appropriate furniture and the use of digital technology.  More than 100 students can work in it with 5 or six teachers at the same time.

The methodology we use is Project Based Learning (PBL). This methodology favours the teaching process of the students since they learn in a more active way and a more lasting and creative teaching is produced.  In this way, this great Future Classroom Lab contributes significantly to the acquisition of key competencies by using projects close to the students' lives and digital media that prepare them for today's world.

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Address: C/ Colegio de Procuradores de Murcia, 10, 30011 Murcia, Spain

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