IMPACT EdTech is an accelerator-incubator that helps to support European EdTech start-ups/SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) by turning their ideas into market-ready products. The project aims to improve learning experiences by using new technologies and innovation in teaching and learning.

Amongst the 11 start-ups that participated in the IMPACT EdTech "Remote Schooling" acceleration programme, three outstanding ones developed the most promising solutions to address challenges encountered by teachers and students when teaching and learning remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.


ELIAS ROBOT: This start-up created a Language Learning solution that enables students to practice speaking skills by chatting with Elias in real-time. With their teacher tools, lessons are more interactive and learning data can be used to create individual learning path. Students are encouraged to engage in conversation without the fear of making mistakes by positive reinforcement and gamified feedback, creating a new way of learning languages!

KEY2ENABLE: This start-up empowers people with motor and intellectual disabilities around the world to develop their skills and individualities by using disruptive technology. By creating a variety of interconnected products, it offers solutions in three different areas: personal autonomy, special education and rehabilitation. Disable people have a true digital accessibility, and use computers and mobile devices for communicating, learning, gaming and ultimately live with greater autonomy.

NOTEBLOC: A mobile scanner app and organiser has been developed by this start-up, giving solution to the struggle of keeping documents organised. Its main function is to scan and digitalise all kind of documents of different formats. Teachers and students use it to scan, save, organise and share notes, homework, documents or exam by using only their mobile phones. Documents are exported to PDF or .jpg in just a click. It is a free, safe, easy-to-use and unlimited app, available in 30 languages.

These start-ups' outcomes have considerably improved the teaching and learning experience during the COVID-19 pandemic and will undoubtedly contribute to shape the future of education. We invite you to visit their websites to know more about their projects: Elias Robot, Key2Enable and Notebloc, along with the IMPACT EdTech website.

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