Learning by Questions

Headquartered in the UK, Learning by Questions is founded by Tony Cann who also founded Promethean.

Learning by Questions improves education with a pedagogy based on timely feedback and intervention. Our Question Sets result in better learning when used in class for just ten minutes a day.

Students answer questions at their own pace. Wrong answers are always followed by instant feedback. This is constructive in nature and formulated to develop understanding and guide learning. When they answer correctly, students are moved to more challenging questions.

Teachers get immediate insight into where they need to intervene, and feedback and intervention happen in the moment when the impact on learning and progress is greatest.

Marking is automatic and student data is automatically displayed and saved for the teacher. 

Why does Learning by Questions Work

An X-ray for my class!

Education in the Digital era

Tony Cann on the future of classrooms.

Redcuing teacher workloads with LbQ

50 Schools Feedback Project - Concluding Report

  • STEM Mastery content with scaffolded Question Sets and instant feedback.
  • Real Time Lesson Analysis for teachers.
  • Pupil engagement and differentiation.
  • Reduced teacher workloads by eliminating unproductive tasks.


Further Information

More information is available at www.lbq.org


Web: www.lbq.org/
Email: info@lbq.org