SCM Secure

At SCM Secure we believe that education is how we build a brighter future. That it is how we create a prosperous society, and that the education of our youth should be the most important question in any government worldwide. And by securing our youths' education, we are securing our nations' future. 

Value Driven Education

Being a Swedish-founded company, we have drawn inspiration from Sweden's world leading work within preschools to develop our platform, in close dialog with local government and preschools all over Sweden. Focusing on the Swedish model Value Driven Education (VDE) as a way to educate our children, we can make sure that our youth will be well functioning, global members of society. Technology used for Value Driven Education can help connect the school, teachers, child and the parents in an eco-system that is not only beneficial for the child, but for society as a whole.

That is why we aim to offer a modul-based Learning Management System (LMS) platform for pre-, elementary-, and high school, as well as for Universities and vocational education. All through a single log-in. With integrated biometric solutions for increased security for the children/students, the parents and the teachers, we can help mitigate the risk that someone unsuitable gets access to the child, as well as making sure that we have the right child, at the right place, at the right time. Meaning that the teachers can focus on the most important thing of all; Educating our youth!

At SCM Secure, we aim to lessen the administrative tasks for the teachers, while at the same time enhance the peer-to-peer learning, skills development and further education of staff. The tools also help lessen the stress for the teachers and increase the security for the students, while helping to enhance the pedagogical activities performed. The platform also allows for a greater communication between the school and the home of the students, meaning that the teachers can involve the parents in their child's education, and make sure that the learning continues at home. It also means that children/students that need extra support will be able to get it, through a collaboration between the teacher and the parents. By including the parents in their child's education, we can also reach the parents and educate them. This is especially important when we welcome new citizens, since we can enable them to better understand our country's national values, such as respect, equality, diversity and solidarity, as well as give them a new language.

Using biometrics and the LMS from SCM Secure is simple, safe, easy and innovative. So, let's build the world of tomorrow, together. One child at a time through technology and Value Driven Education.

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