Innovatielab (NL)

Description: An exciting environment that immediately elicits different behavior from children as well as students, lecturers, teachers and researchers. In the lab we experiment with new resources for education. Everything here is dedicated to high- and low-tech applications. As an education pioneer you can design the education for the makers of the future, together with our teachers.

Activities in our Innovationlab

You can see the lab in action most days of the week. Because we believe in the power of our innovationlab, we also make it available to primary schools and other interested parties. So one day you can see primary school students working with Lego or programming a robot. The other day you get to work with technological developments yourself. Our program is very diverse. Think of inspirational lectures, demo workshops, teacher training modules, Skillslab network meetings and guided tours. Or even a postgraduate specialization in digital literacy.

Experimenting with modern teaching materials and classroom decor.

With modern teaching materials, you reach the makers of the future. By designing our classroom differently than standard classrooms, we create an inspirational room that challenges our students and teachers. We use a 'campfire' space to start our lesson and from there you can work together at our 'watering holewateringholeriment at our 'sandpit' table with 3D printing or VR technology for example or work by yourself at our comfortable 'cave' area. At the end of the lesson, we go back to our 'campfire', but then it turns into a 'mountaintop'. A place where students present their research results or innovative lesson planslessonplans. Our classroom is based on the book Campfires in Cyberspace bij David Thornburg.

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Address: Stationssingel 80, 3033HJ, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Diana Molenschot, teacher digital literacy,

Remke Heijmans, teacher digital literacy,