IRIS Connect

IRIS Connect logoAt IRIS Connect, we believe that empowered, connected and confident teachers are stronger teachers, and that stronger teachers nurture better outcomes for learners.

IRIS Connect exists to bridge the gap between effective professional learning and the reality of classrooms. We do this by using carefully developed, easily accessible and secure video collaboration technology and frameworks to empower and motivate teachers to continually develop their skills and achieve a high level of progress and sustained behavioural change in their classrooms.

Our professional learning platform is designed to enable the key interactions shown by research to be effective for adult learning (andragogy): access to theory, observation of authentic practice, self-review and reflection, peer mentoring, coaching, and collaborative opportunities such as creating shared communities of practice.

Transforming teacher professional learning

IRIS Connect stemmed from research and since its creation in 2008 it has become widely established in the UK and internationally. Pioneering the use of video for teacher professional development has given us a wealth of experience, not only in developing the tools required, but critically, the frameworks and change-management approaches necessary to engage teachers impactfully with video-based professional learning. Fundamentally, engaging with IRIS Connect not only offers class-leading tools but also stability, experience, capacity and scale.

Educators at all stages of their careers can benefit from the high-impact outcomes that video-based professional development has to offer, as well as being widely used in initial teacher education programmes around the world, to help student teachers develop 21st-century skills for their classrooms.

Additional Information

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