KIŞLA İLKOKULU BURDUR/ Kışla Primary School Wise Class (TR)

The target audience of our lab is students from the age of 7 to 12. In this classroom students can film their tasks with digital cameras, and they can take advantage of the Green Screen. Computers, 3D printer and microscopes are also available in the classroom. In addition, there is a music corner in which students can play musical instruments and record it.

The desks in the classroom facilitate group work and students can collaborate with each other. Students can also examine any microscopical creature they collect from the school garden with the microscope in the classroom. The wooden blocks that exist here provide them the opportunity to use their imagination and form 3D miniature products. By using Web 2.0 tools they learn how to make a mind map  and prepare quizzes with the support of the teacher. At the reading corner, they are able to read their books and play educational games.

Technologies available include laptop, web 2.0 tools, 3D printer, Robotic LEGO set, Chroma key, camera, sound recording microphones, interactive board, VR and incubator.

Commercial partners

No commercial partners at the moment. The lab is funded by civil society organizations, philanthropists, businessman and different stakeholders.

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Kışla Neighbourhood,School Street No:1