Kubilay Primary School

In the Living Lab, FCL, we've applied for the First Lego League Junior (FLL Jr.) Science Heroes Meeting STEM Project and ‘'Engineers of the New City'' Little Science Heroes Meeting. The terms of participation were met. Due to the pandemic, we couldn't join the expo. Within this context, we have announced our STEM event to whole school and arranged the STEM event. Total amount of students has reached to 782. 

Coding with M-Bot trainings in the school were given with Tomorrow Coders-Habitat Association and Vodafone Foundation. With the help of awareness training, we have reached to 782 students. 

Learning Coding with The Coding Bus Event was held. With this way, the basic algorithm of coding was shown to the students. The whole school joined the Coding Event, making a grand total of 782 students. 

We use the area for presentations in our in-class activities very frequently. We use our research area a lot with our wireless network connection within day time. With the interactive board in the Living Lab, we use peer teaching by using Okulistik-Morpa Campus on EBA (Education Informatics Network) and other activities.

ICT Equipments and their use:

  • With 20 notebooks in our FCL, we continue our work by using the internet to do research with wireless internet.
  • We receive coding trainings from www.scratch.mit.edu. In addition, we record our projects on the site.
  • We receive coding training on http // studio.code.org.
  • We continue our coding training on www.eba.gov.tr. Along with all of these, it helps us to learn coding, software, algorithms and to learn 21st century disciplines.
  • By using ActivInspire and Aktifpanel software programs of Promethean Interactive Board, both teachers and students gain unlimited writing experience. While design acquisitions encourage interactive learning, peer work with writing technologies supports individual design
  • We are coding with Make Block, M-bot.
  • Acquiring manual skills for combining disassembled M-bots according to their algorithms.
  • Downloading and running the Make Block program on our computers, which will run M-bots
  • Teaching led lighting algorithms on M-Bot
  • Teaching sound algorithms on M-Bot
  • Teaching motion and sensor algorithms on M-Bot-
  • Teaching game algorithms on M-Bot.
  • Lego we do 2.0 : We are implementing the STEM project implemented in 135 countries around the world with the set, which was met by the Science Heroes Association, which sponsored us for four years, in our classroom.
  • Green Curtain Applications, Augmented Reality Applications, 3D Printer, Arduino Set are the other tools.


Commercial partnership

We do not have any commercial partners yet. Nevertheless, in the days to come we are in cooperation with two big universities near our school to empower our lab both physically, technologically, and theoretically. Also, we are collaborating with some experts who focus on technology, education, training and project-based learning.


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