Little Discoverers (Küçük Kaşifler) FCL Class

Inspired by FCL, our classroom has been designed as FCL Laboratory by our school -BURDUR Bucak Atatürk Primary School. We aim to provide active learning opportunities to our students via creating learning areas that support 21st century skills and introducing technology with meaningful ways.

We make scientific research with scientific experiment sets and microscopes. We perform video and audio recordings and drama activities in our green screen area. We activate the imagination of our students by using WEB 2 tools. We enrich our imagination by reading books and scientific journals in our reading corner.

We develop the skills of the students with 3D pipettes, LEGO training sets, wooden design sets, coding robots, intelligence games sets. Jewelry design, marbling art, sand arts and skills are also provided as workshops. We develop their creativity by making design works from waste materials.

Commercial partners

We do not have commercial partners. This future classroom lab is funded by students' parents.

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Şenay KURT, Principal

Metin KAPLAN, Vice Principal


Bucak Atatürk Primary

Yeni Mah.Şehit Muhittin Talha Çalışkan Cad.No:58 BUCAK- BURDUR, Turkey