Laboratório da Era Digital (LED) - Digital Era Lab (DEL)

This project aims to promote active learning methodologies in order to change the paradigm of the traditional classroom, centred on the teacher, to a constructed learning environment, where the focus is on the student, his motivations, relationships, characteristics and interests.

This is a project directly linked to our school educational project and based on 4 pillars:


To do this, it will be fundamental to build a flexible and very adaptable environment, with the participation of the entire educational community.  Teacher will plan and create the Digital Era Kits (DEKs) during the teachers training in partnership with the regional teachers training centre, "Novafoco". The project motto is: "DEK by DEK I get to the DEL!", viewing the DEKs as extensions of the DEL and as pedagogical resources to be used in the classrooms. Teachers will benefit from training actions and workshops on the innovative methodologies and they will be able to put them in practise at the DEL or in their classroom through the DEKs.

This Lab is a privileged learning spot for students and a training spot for teachers. The KEDs are fundamentals resources for the implementation of these methodologies, which aim to promote students' happiness and success in school and in their future lives. This project should be a foundation for everyone to learn and continue to learn throughout their lives, defending equal opportunities. Teachers must use active learning methodologies and properly frame the learning of all students, to be better prepared to overcome the challenges they will be confronted with.


Commercial Partners

Novafoco: the regional teachers training centre. 


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