Labyrinth - základní škola, s.r.o.

Labyrinth laboratory school was founded in 2016, in Brno. Since its establishment, it is focused on student-centered learning environments. In its curriculum, the school reflects the competencies needed for life and work in the 21st century. It offers a safe and supportive educational environment for children based on the collaboration of the school, parents, community, and external partners.

With the generous support of its partners, Labyrinth uses the most recent models of interactive touch panels and mobile tablets. Classrooms are furnished with ergonomic and movable furniture that enables flexible manipulation of the classroom layout that matches various forms and methods of teaching. The school has a specialized art studio with a kiln and a kinetic room. There are specific pieces of furniture and design items that are used for a variety of purposes – learning, relaxing, reading, support in language learning (Centre for Casual Exposure Time) etc. Labyrinth also hosts Digicentre, a center for digital technologies. It is used by Labyrinth students (Minecraft education, Lego education, 3D printing, ozobots, etc...) and for teacher training (regular workshops opened to the general public).

There is also a Maker Space Centre – a place that promotes creativity and innovative ideas. The Maker Space is where students receive support from teachers and external experts to make their ideas a reality.

The school hosts events and workshops. It functions as a teacher training school and is a model of an innovative learning space for other schools in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Commercial partnership

Labyrinth cooperates with leading designers and school furniture manufacturers (e.g. Santal). It cooperates with the Department of Design, Furniture and Habitat at Mendel University in Brno. For Digicentre, Labyrinth cooperates with Elixir to Schools, RedHat, Microsoft and Lego Foundation. Space Academy Labyrinth is a joint project with Observatory Brno, Czech Invest and S.A.B. Aerospace which supports kids' creativity and their interests in space research. Karel Janeček Foundation supports Labyrinth's innovative projects with social impact. O2 Foundation supports us in the use of digital technologies in education, digital hygiene and resistance to the negative impact of digital technologies. The Faculty of Education, Masaryk University, Brno supports Centre for Casual Exposure Time and language skills.


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