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The Learning Lab was created three years ago, but it's full potential has been used only since the begining of the (september) 2015 school year. The Lab very important for the implementation of the Creative Classrooms Lab project in our school. However, this year, with the division of the space in areas (Dream, Explore, Create, Play and Show) and the investment in more equipment, such as the Chroma-Key Wall and the Gaming Zone (Xbox and Playstation) we finally have the Lab of our dreams.

The Lab can be used by K-4th grade students (Up to 10 years old), teachers, staff, partners, participants in events and activities.

Even if we had the wonderful inspiration from the Future Classroom Lab, in Brussels, the space was designed, funded and created by our school.

The lab is equipped with Promethean Interactive White Board, 9 PC's with Windows Multipoint Server 2012, Chroma-Key Wall, Xbox - One with Kinect, Playstation 3, 3 Lego Mindstorms EV3, 2 Knex Sets, 2 Video Projectors, Router Wireless, Camera with Tripod, 5 Microscopes - Promethean ActivTable.

Commercial Partners:

As mentioned, Promethean is our most important partner in this project. Microsoft is also an important partner, since we are a Microsoft Showcase School and we always count on it to implement and participate in several activities.

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