Learning Lab Vasa

Learning Lab Vasa is located in Vasa övningsskola, the teacher training school of Åbo Akademi. It is the training school of classroom and subject teacher students attending Åbo Akademi.  

Vasa övningsskola consists of comprehensive school grades 1–9 and general upper secondary school.   

In the FCLAB.fi project, learning environments are developed based on different zones, where different ways of teaching and learning are taken into account. The idea is that a learning environment with purposefully planned zones equipped in different ways, enables versatile teaching and learning methods. The zones of the learning environment can be completely separate or partially overlap. 

The Goals of Learning Lab Vasa is to explore and give new insights into how technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, AR/VR design, and robotics can be integrated in teaching and how the use of new technologies form the learning environments in school.  

Commercial partnership

We are just getting started and are looking for partners.


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Kasper Hiltunen, kasper.hiltunen@abo.fi 

Lars Broman, lars.broman@abo.fi   


Kyrkoesplanaden 11-13, 65100 Vasa