LSL course - Supporting resources

This supporting material is part of Collaborative Schools Professional Development course that was developed within the EC-funded Living Schools Lab project (2012-2014). The course was developed from the observations to support mainstreaming of best practice and a whole school approach to ICT use. Download the Trainer's manual here.

By downloading the any of the material on this page, you agree to respect the Creative Commons – Attribution, Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Investigation 1: Introduction and Peer Exchange Workshop 1

Investigation 2. Observing and Reflecting on Classroom Practice in my school

Investigation 3. Developing a Whole School Focus

Investigation 4. Building a Professional Development Framework for Staff

Investigation 5. Peer Exchange Visit

Investigation 6. Students as Digital Leaders

Investigation 7. Developing Partnerships and Networks

Investigation 8. Sharing Practice with others

Investigation 9. Collaborative Schools

Investigation 10. Peer-Exchange Workshop 2: Presentation of Findings and Outputs

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