The target group of this learning space is the Kindergarten students. Workshops which are created within the scope of FCL enable studensts to design and then produce what they designed. They aim to have students to produce things that can be used in everyday life and to develop their abilities of self –sufficiency. Daily life workshop is available for students, which encourages them to achieve different skills. ‘’Movements room’’ is designed for students, aiming them to be active especially on winter days and to make students physcially active. Also on a suitable place in the garden , a vegatable garden is been organized where studens are able to plant vegatables and observe the process of growth of the vegetables they planted.  A coop is also available at natural life workshop for studenst to observe and learn by living. All the works of the coop such as; chickens, cleaning , feding and collecting eggs are done by students alternately. They have technological devices such as 3D printer , camera ,projection and green screen in every class and students are encouraged to use them effectively. 

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Emek Mh. Osmangazi cad. Vali Konağı altı / Burdur