Bucak Zübeyde Hanım Anaokulu – Minik Dahiler FCL Class (TR)

Inspired by FCL, as the Bucak Zübeyde Hanım Kindergarden in Burdur, we have redesigned our classroom into a Future Classroom Lab. Aiming to provide active learning for preschoolers at the age of 6, we have rearranged our classroom to have technologically enhanced learning spaces supporting 21st century skills.

Our laboratory is arranged according to various learning spaces. In these spaces, our students interact with each other and work collaboratively, guided by their teacher. Teachers group their students according to their individual needs and arrange flexible learning spaces accordingly.

Mainly with activities such as coding, video recording and editing, LEGO robotics, and use of various smartphones/tablets, 3D printing and 3D pens, we support the discovery of daily life skills through technology. We carry out scientific inquiry through 3D pipettes, LEGO Education kits, wood design kits, coding robots, Makey Makey keyboard for rhythm, books at the book-reading corner, augmented reality applications, scientific experimentation kits and microscopes. Thanks to the green screen space, we can record video and audio, and also organizing drama events to further support our students' creativity and product development skills.

Commercial partners

We do not have commercial partners. This future classroom lab is funded by students' parents.

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