Multidisciplinary Labs

Each student started using 1: 1 device, but above all what changed were the teachers' pedagogical practices, who started to design learning scenarios for their students through the design of projects, in which, very naturally, technology emerged.

The creation of classrooms with interactive panels (android), with the creation of outdoor learning spaces, along with the use of cloud-based technology, students developed greater collaboration with each other, improved oral and written communication and much more autonomy. Our students are from 6 to 10 age years old.


Commercial partnership

We are the first Google Reference School in Portugal, so we have all Google Suite Education support, trainers, innovative certified teachers and ICT equipment.

Also we have some partnerships with Promethean, Steelcase Education, Porto Editora, Areal Editores, BCN that support all our activities ans suggest some better ways to have better use of all technology. We have some web talks to share information and suggestions.


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Travessa da rua do castiis nº 110 4505-582 Santa Maria da Feira

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